Immersive Online Puzzle Horror Experience

Client: The Last Survivors

Category: Immersive / Creative Design

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Can you Uncover The Truth? You will help an agent from the I.R.F (an agency dedicated to bringing down corrupt private companies) explore the underground bunker and testing facility of the C.I.D.C.

The immersive experience will have you solving puzzles and communicating with the agent through audio and video footage through an online interface. The experience should take around an hour to complete. The entire event is set inside a real Government Nuclear Bunker with everything shot on location.

“I thought I had navigated onto the wrong website initially as everything was so detailed and realistic. I was completely immersed in the story, the puzzles were fantastic”

Due to the impact of COVID The Last Survivors wanted to create an online experience as both a thank you for people deferring tickets plus something to get people excited about returning to their event.

Shot on location before the pandemic, the experience has over 25 pages of puzzles, with 20 individual videos with Editing and story elements completed remotely. This project was a huge success in a brand new way of working.

The experience has also been nominated for an award for best online horror experience.