Immersive escape room

Client: Keep Escaping

Category: Experiential / Design

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Set exclusively INSIDE a registered ancient monument – Hedingham Castle, participants find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room in and immersive escape room experience.

Built exclusively for the Castle this Escape Experience is set on the top floor of the Castle Keep itself.

“The puzzles were cleverly though out and had us guessing right up to the last minute. The room fit into the castle fantastically, we wish we could do it all again!”

Neon Monster created a bespoke escape experience for the castle to be a semi-permanent installation on the top floor. The team created the entire room, including story, props, puzzles and tech.

Participants are introduced to the room through an immersive zoom call, relating to a treasure seeker, then go on to solve the mystery of the room over the course of an hour.