Events & Theatre

Immerse Yourself

Our teams background in immersive experiences makes us experts at taking a small idea or location and developing it into a full scale immersive production.

From full scale seasonal attractions to small site specific shows we have created and run a variety of immersive experiences across the UK.

Our experienced Art Department create and manage set design, custom bespoke builds and oversee any art requirements of the production through our in house prop store and workshop. We can also create any digital media including Graphic Design, Print and Web. We believe in the power of excellent visual communication.

Family & Kids

Family Entertainment

Our dedicated Family team are the best in the business for bringing a smile to the whole family. The team have a wide background in Childrens Entertainment, Panto and large scale family events, so we know what works!

Escape Rooms

Solve The Puzzle

Escape Experiences are a relatively new experience. Our Escape Experts have completed hundreds of games and know how to make a great puzzle. We build bespoke immersive Escape Rooms everything from the booking website to the puzzles themselves.

Performer Services

It's All In The Show

Neon Monster has a database of performers and work closely with a Scare Specific casting agency which can help find performers for events, film, TV and media creation.

Our knowledge and database takes time out from costly castings, auditions and training.

Halloween / Scare Events

Create That Fear!

Our team has background in the Horror and Scare industry, we have a solid track record for delivering immersive horror based experiences. From large scale seasonal attractions to year round experiences. We are experts in the psychology of fear.

Creating the right environment before any experience is crucial to the success, especially in horror based experiences. Neon Monster have industry tried and tested techniques guaranteed to create the atmosphere of fear, essential to an effective scare / horror experience.