Immersive Experience

Client: Weiden + Kennedy

Category: Immersive / Event

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Operation Eden threw participants into a day of Apocalypse Survival, featuring code breaking, medical training, firearms training, survival techniques, hand to hand combat, bomb defusal and outdoor activities. Each training section was created in house to be fun and informative with scoring sections with the best team awarded a prize at the end of the day.

“I have everything I need to survive the Apocalypse now! All the activities were amazing, the instructors stayed in character the whole time. Loved it, not sure how to re-join the real world now.”

Neon Monster recruited over 30 actors and specialist instructors for each area of training. Over 30 crew members and instructors ran simultaneous activities for 200+ people on a rotating schedule over the day.

The design team also created an orienteering walk including an apocalypse themed quiz with codes and questions that needed to be answered to gain entry to the main event.