Immersive Scare Experience

Client: Maverick TV

Category: Immersive / Fear Creation

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Don’t Scream is a nerve-shredding reality game show, which sees a team of three best mates work a night shift from hell in an old and disused shopping centre. The aim of the show was to make people scream. At the start of the shift the team is given a cash sum of £5000, but in order to hold onto the money, they’ll need to hold onto their nerve as every scream loses the team £100.

“We had spent months developing with our scare team – a team made up of people from the magic circle and immersive theatre experts – these guys had the ability to do some brilliantly creative stuff”

Our aim with this show was to make people scream. But we needed it to be fun rather than traumatic. Fear is personal – something that scares one person might not work on another. Neon Monster tested all our scares out repeatedly to craft them very precisely for the individuals playing the game. The most frightening images and feelings are those created by the individuals’ minds. We knew in order to scare them the build-up would be just as important as any scares themselves, so we wanted to create an atmosphere of fear to allow people to fill in their own blanks.