Halloween Event

Client: Neon Monster

Category: Event Creation

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The Bunker Below is a Halloween event based in a REAL Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 125ft underground. Participants descend into the depths and explore the bunker in a one hour long terrifying experience.

The event uses film quality props, tech and professional actors to create a one of a kind immersive experience, in one of the most unique locations in the UK.

Set inside a Nuclear Bunker and the grounds surrounding it, this is a one-of-a-kind experience not available anywhere else in the UK. Now entering its 4 year (2024) with a bigger team and a longer route,

“Amazing experience! Best scare attraction I have visited. The timing and effects mean they can even get genuine scares out of seasoned scare attraction visitors. The pure darkness in the bunker is extremely eerie and you don’t know what to expect next.”

The project involved a huge amount of services through Neon Monster and is an ongoing project with yearly updates to the route and story.

The Neon Monster team created the story, media, website and promotional material. We also cast, wrote scripts and trained hundreds of performers over the span of the show.