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Client: Red Castle Events

Category: Immersive

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Brightworths Founding Fairies is a summer event based in the Brightworths School of Magic world. The summer event was created for 4-8 year olds, and took advantage of the better weather with more outside based activities. The event ran consecutively over 5 days and welcomed over 1,200 children and adults. Children learnt the history of the Magic School including shows by fairy and troll characters.

“We loved the spin on the normal magic school. The inclusion of the naughty Trolls and their interactions with the staff and other characters was brilliant”

Creating a childrens event that is as entertaining to adults as it is to children was at the heart this project. Neon Monster created the entire world of ‘Brightworths’ including the characters, props, story and media. A bespoke booking website was created, along with in world printed media and merchandise.

Neon Monster recruited and trained staff including writing scripts and creating each show area. We also managed the event including ticketed entry and providing on site crew to oversee the event.