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British Military Canvas Tent 12×12

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Medieval Pavilion Tent

Ideal tent for Vintage Military Reenactments, Themed Parties and Events

Dimensions TBC

Area  ² feet
Weight from 100kg+
Must be erected on grass.
Black and white cotton water resistant cover. Exact colour and shade may vary.
Frame comprises of wooden poles with a centre spindle.
Ground sheet is provided.
One opening door area.

Wooden period pegs supplied, can be upgraded to metal pegs if period look is not needed.

Please note: the tentage may not conform to current Fire Safety standards. An independent fire risk assessment will be the renters responsibility.


Hire Period

Rental charge discounts – +1 week rental 40% discount on the total hire charge. For longer hire periods please get in touch with us for a custom price.

Please use the date picker to generate a quote for your hire duration. The system will not calculate delivery, this can be discussed with the props team if required. If your order is placed online, the props team will contact you within 1 working day to arrange rental details.

If you require a more detailed quote, please email us with your rental requirements, or call us on 0330 229 2666


Delivery can be made to any address within the UK. This will be calculated on a per item basis as some items are very large / heavy / delicate and require special transport. We also offer a special 24/7 delivery service for last-minute urgent jobs.


Collection can be made free of charge from our location in Harlow, Essex. We also offer a special 24/7 collection service for last-minute urgent jobs.


Tent Construction / Strike

Military Tents can be difficult to construct and some of the larger tents require a team to build. Our in-house construction team can build / strike the tent at your location for an additional charge, please get in touch with us for a custom price. If you wish to build the tent yourself we can provide guidance on this but we are not responsible for any damage to our equipment or injury to your team.

All tents must be returned dry or they will be subject to a £100 drying fee. Tents cannot be stored wet or the canvas will rot.

Any missing or damaged parts will be charged as follows –

Missing/damaged poles – £30
Missing/damaged ropes – £20
Missing pegs – Wooden – £20 | Metal £25
All prices are + VAT

All rented items are intended to be used as a static prop only. Please discuss any additional use with the props team before rental is taken out. Using any prop item for anything other than static display is undertaken at your own risk, any damage to the prop will be chargeable.

Replacement value £5,000.